About us

The Summers Family Legacy

It all starts with a 7th-generation, organic family farm – Branchville Farms – located in Branchville, SC. We believe in growing exceptional hemp for everyone, and for every need. Our farm was established in 1868 after our family’s patriarch was freed from slavery, with the sole purpose of providing for our family and neighbors. The Summers started with just 1 plat of land; we now have over 600 acres.

We’re still providing for our neighbors: we recognize the benefit of hemp for everyone and have set out to change the landscape of hemp farming, processing and manufacturing of quality products. That’s why we grow exceptional hemp, process the purest oil and create honest CBD products for all.
Our dream hemp farm came to life when our owner and founder, Kevin Summers, returned home after 30 years as an executive in corporate America. He set out to buy back all of the land that had been sold piece-by-piece over the years to put the farm back to work with his oldest brother, Jasper Summers. To learn more about our farm and the story, watch: Branchville Series

Plat Record

State Land of James Summers Sr
at Orangeburg Court House

Who We Are

TRUSTWORTHY – Hemp grown on a 7th generation family farm, oil tested by industry-leading labs, formulas created by chemists and doctors, with proof to back up every claim. You can trust our entire process from initial seed to your door.

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HONEST PRODUCTS – We harvest superb hemp crops with 8 strains to offer a variety of benefits, terpenes and flavonoids. Our pristine flower allows us to extract high-caliber oil that retains high rates of cannabinoids and terpenes. You can trust that our flower, oil and products will exceed your expectations.

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INTEGRATION – We oversee the entire process from the initial planting to extraction and the final-end product. No matter your exact need, from flower to product, we know where our product is. We use the best labs, extraction methods and manufacturers to ensure our quality standards are met at each step.

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SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – We are deep-rooted in our community: a portion of revenue is donated to RISE UP, our non-profit organization located in our hometown of Branchville, SC. RISE UP promotes rural development through the use of technology in farming, small business support and local youth sports. When you buy from us, you give our rural community a brighter future.


Our Brand Video Series

A groundbreaking new web series that tells the story of Kevin Summers, a successful corporate executive that returns to his family’s farm after 30 years to take on the “greatest challenge of his life.” Branchville is a story about a family and community that comes together with the shared vision of revitalizing a rural community and creating a new model for regenerative agriculture.