Holistic Wellness Redefined

bRise Pets offers products to aid issues including pain, anxiety, stress and skin ailments. We carry a range of formulas and flavors that support joint and immune health, endocrine and adrenal function and more.

bRISE Pets

Product Offering

Pet Calming Chews

120 chewable tablets in bacon and liver flavor for dogs & cats to aid in stress and anxiety relief, naturally. Made with organically grown hemp seed oil powder, chamomile, valerian root & melatonin.

Pet Tincture: Allergy Relief

60ml all-natural tincture that aids in relief of allergies in dogs & cats. Holistic remedies used in this innovative formula reduce environmental irritants, seasonal allergies & food sensitivities.

Pet Tincture: Calming Drops

60ml natural supplement w/ hemp oil for cats & dogs. This tincture is flavored with natural salmon fish oil and contains a unique blend of holistic ingredients to calm dogs and cats in any situation.

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