We’re an honest seed-to-sale company that values community. We provide high-quality hemp and CBD products for all businesses and walks of life. Our products – from flower to oil and finished goods – are the finest in the industry. We’re redefining the standard of growing hemp and manufacturing pure CBD. We recognize the benefit of hemp for everyone and have set out on a journey to change the landscape of hemp farming, manufacturing and distribution while improving lives of those in rural towns.


Our family farm has supported our town for generations from crops to wood used to build the first African-American school in the 1910s. Drawing on that communal legacy, we’re empowering our rural community through our non-profit, RISE UP, and inspiring everyone to RISE TOGETHER.


A portion of our revenue is donated to RISE UP. Purchasing from bRISE means you receive quality product, while supporting the revitalization of Branchville. The purpose of RISE UP is to inspire people from rural towns and low-income communities to RISE UP to their full potential through economic development, healthy living and job creation. RISE UP achieves these key initiatives by using the latest technology tools in: tech training centers, alternative crop farming, athletics and financial management.

Farm Services

Utilizing the latest tech innovation and green house developments, bRISE, with Branchville Farms, offers the next generation of farming to local farmers. We host educational courses on farming software and techniques. We also assist farmers in raising capital to secure funds for machinery and specialty crops in order to improve how the rural community farms.

Branchville Farms has created a co-op across the Southeast. We provide our co-op farmers with discounted starts and seeds, consult throughout the growing season and guarantee a 100% buyback of all of their harvested crop. This means that our co-op farmers will have a new means of farming for the foreseeable future, which promises food on their tables and further economic development.

If you are a farmer who believes you qualify for our non-profit farming services, please contact us.

If you are interested in our traditional farm services, click here.


Branchville is located in the low country of South Carolina – about an hour south of Columbia. We’ve been hit hard, like many rural communities across America. Turning this family farm into a top producer of hemp will stimulate our local economy and create job growth, producing a business model that can be replicated across the nation to help other communities like ours.



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