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Our Process

How We Farm: Technology & Mother Nature

Our proprietary technology platform ensures precision farming and best practices are applied to: soil quality, organic compost, water management, traceability from seed-to-sale and more. We complete daily readings of soil moisture with IOT technology to determine exact data points on several metrics: precise nutrients and how to improve them; THC + CBD content; meeting and exceeding an organic grow. The unique soils of the low country of South Carolina and the Southern sun nurture our plants and give them an all-natural boost that technology cannot offer. Our technology and Mother Nature work in tandem to produce top hemp plants harvest after harvest.

Our Pillars

SEED-TO-SALE – We oversee the entire process from the initial seed to your hands. bRISE provides transparency and traceability at every step. We know where our hemp and oil have been and we know what is in our products. Rest assured, products you receive from us are the best around.

INNOVATION – From our family farm, to the extraction process and custom product formulas, we use cutting-edge technology to produce high caliber hemp plants, pure CBD oil and products that you can stand behind. We grow the most advanced genetic strains to create our innovative product formulations that utilize CBG and CBN… the newest cannabinoids in the market.

TECHNOLOGY – We believe in tapping into tech at every turn. In addition to technology used in our farming practices and products, bRISE offers expertise to drive traffic and increase your consumer base by using online & in-store POS data, tracking analytics, digital QR code analysis and more.

QUALITY – Every strain of our hemp is grown organically and our oil is free of heavy metals and pesticides. Our labs and plants are GMP certified and our 3rd-party COAs are from top labs in the country. Our product offerings are all-natural and use as few ingredients as possible. We ensure quality standards and product requirements are met.

COLLABORATION – Expert partners from around the country collaborate with our team to produce a top-ranked harvest. From genetics, to seeds, irrigation, processing and manufacturing, we chose to only work with the best.

MANUFACTURING – We’ve combined forces with the best – and one of the largest – manufacturing facility to bring you multi-certified products in an FDA-compliant site. We’re ready to scale to meet any need: up to 300M bottles/year can be produced. bRISE doesn’t just offer leading products, we have the most efficient supply chain in the industry.

Partnerships Matter

We’re not just a family company, we’re a community company. bRISE and Branchville Family Farms value long-term partnerships and collaborations because that’s what we’ve done for over 152 years. Our farm began as a way to feed our family and community and has done so for over 7 generations. Now, we’re building on the communal foundation that drives us to create lasting relationships with all of our partners in the hemp industry – from major processors to small businesses. Our community, partners and customers are all our family, because we’re all successful when we support one another. We’ll treat you the same as we do our own. Welcome to the family!


Branchville is located in the low country of South Carolina – about an hour south of Columbia. We’ve been hit hard, like many rural communities across America. Turning this family farm into a top producer of hemp will stimulate our local economy and create job growth, producing a business model that can be replicated across the nation to help other communities like ours.