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You Cann

Motivational. Confident. Value

You Cann is a need-based and value brand of products that addresses the concerns that you face daily: well-being, focus, movement and sleep. With these unique products, you can confidently take on any part of the day.

You Cann Feel Good

Full Spectrum Tincture: 25mg CBD + 25mg CBG/serving, 30ml bottle

This cutting-edge tincture is formulated to support gut health, digestion and ease negative physical effects typically associated with stress. It acts on metabolic and endocannabinoid systems to promote a holistic approach to balancing your gut-to-brain connection. What’s more, it boasts a 1:1 ratio of high quality, full-spectrum CBG:CBD.

You Cann Focus Gum

Gum: 15mg CBD Isolate/piece

Our Focus Gum isn’t your typical gum: combining amino acids with natural B6, this CBD isolate gum is the quick and natural way to gain focus when you need it most! You’ll love the quick onset and lasting effects. While most CBD gums leave you hanging after a few minutes, you’ll reap the benefits of our gum for a few hours.

You Cann Sleep

Capsule: 25mg CBD/capsule, 30 per bottle

You Cann Sleep combines age-old, proven ingredients with high quality CBD isolate and amino acids to ensure a good night’s rest. We didn’t stop at adding just melatonin: you’ll find key ingredients like valerian root, chamomile and magnesium inside these got-to-have capsules. You’ll fall asleep fast, stay asleep, receive all of the potential benefits of CBD and wake feeling rested! We’ve got it all covered; you only need to bring a pillow.

You Cann Move

Cream: 500mg CBD Isolate/2oz jar

This light muscle cream is formulated for everyday aches and pains… but make no mistake, it’ll leave you feeling like You Cann run a marathon! It has a fresh scent – no overpowering menthol smell like most pain topicals – and contains only the best ingredients to wash away any muscle pain, joint inflammation or other aches.

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