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From traditional tinctures and topicals to up-and-coming hot products like gums, CBG and CBN tinctures and powders, bRISE offers several white label opportunities for your business. We make differentiating your product portfolio easy. All of our finished goods are fairly priced without sacrificing on the bRISE quality standard.

Our lab is GMP and NSF certified and operates within FDA guidelines. Our oil receives passing results on over 40 purity testing measures related to quality, safety and retains high total cannabinoid content. For all finished product COAs, please contact us.

Items everybody loves

Full Spectrum Tinctures

The highest quality full spectrum oil on the market, mixed with MCT oil. Your customers will love receiving the potential benefits of all cannabinoids and terpenes (the “entourage effect”) in these wonderfully mixed tinctures!

Strengths range from 500mg up to 2,000mg and can be offered in a variety of flavors.

Broad Spectrum Tinctures

If your customers are looking for a product without THC, broad spectrum is the way to go. Our broad spectrum undergoes the finest refinement process while retaining most cannabinoids and terpenes.

Strengths range from 500mg up to 2,000mg and can be offered in a variety of flavors.

CBD + CBG Tinctures

Our CBD + CBG mixed tinctures are the perfect way to offer a hot, up-and-coming product that is in high demand! CBG has been studied for its potential immunity-boosting properties. Combining our high-quality CBG with the benefits of full spectrum CBD, your customers will have a year-around product that might aid in immune support while offering the “entourage effect” of CBD they crave.

Total combined strength is 1,200mg per bottle (1ml) with a 4:1 CBD:CBG ratio and can be offered in a variety of flavors.

CBD + CBN Tinctures

More than 65% of CBD consumers are looking for sleep aids. CBN might be able to put them fast to sleep. CBN is in high demand and there are very few combination tinctures like this one on the market. Be one of the first to offer a unique and effective product to your customers!

Total combined strength is 2,000mg per bottle (1ml) with a 4:1 CBD:CBN ratio and can be offered in a variety of flavors.


CBD gum is another product in high demand. Our gum retains its flavor and has a uniquely formulated delivery mechanism. What’s more, unlike other wholesalers, our pricing is low so you can keep your margins high on a popular and growing industry product.

Each piece is 20mg, spearmint flavored and made with CBD isolate. These come in packs of 8 pieces.

Pain Cream

This pain cream works, which means your customers will keep coming back for more. It can be used on any sore or inflamed area from muscles to joints. It has a smooth application and quickly dissolves without leftover residue or stickiness.

Containing 500mg of CBD isolate with a peppermint essence, this cream comes in a 2oz jar.

Full Spectrum Capsules

Some customers want a capsule to take to avoid the taste of a traditional tinctures. Or, they want to quickly add CBD into their daily vitamin regimen. These full spectrum capsules are made with the same quality oil found in our tinctures.

Capsules can be made in 25mg or 50mg per capsule and sold in bottles of 30 or 60 counts.


Like our full spectrum capsules, these broad spectrum capsules offer your customers all of the same benefits without the THC.

Capsules can be made in 25mg or 50mg per capsule and sold in bottles of 30 or 60 counts.

Hand Sanitizer

Our hand sanitizer made with 80% alcohol is sure to keep your hands clean with potential added benefits of joint pain relief and skin hydration.

Can be made with: Full Spectrum, Distillate OR Non-CBD

Pet Tinctures

Pet owners are just like parents: they want the best for their pets. Our pet tinctures are made with the same full spectrum oil that we put in those used for human consumption. Your customers can count on the quality of these tinctures – their pets deserve the best! Pets typically receive CBD tinctures to aid in anxiety and pain.

These tinctures are approximately 30mg per serving and come in no flavor, bacon or salmon. And, our salmon flavored tincture has added benefits of omega-3 fish oil! Each bottle is 1ml.



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